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Enterprises are made of Humans, for Humans. 

When launching a new Brand, Product or service in the market, do we really consider why should our target Customer decide to spend money - and time, energy - to get it?

Most of the times, our Products and Services are created based on some ideas or inputs we got; Brands are launched based on personal taste or experience, without taking the time - and investment of course - to understand the deep motivations that would drive our Client's choice.

But the market is populated by People, not numbers. Statistics can help to gather an information about a trend, or more generally is good to deliver a snapshot of what has happened in the past.

The present is volatile, hence the future is more and more unpredictable. Or - better said - its evolution is not driven by what happens in a single sector, industry or market. We are all interconnected: macro and micro-trends are influencing us more than what we can imagine.

At the same time, market segments are not that trustable anymore. People of the same age, education, purchasing power, etc. can have desires and expectations very different from city to city, from town to town.

In this complex context, connecting with our target Customer in a "Human" way acquires a special Value.

It was the beginning of the '90s when in Silicon Valley a company called IDEO started experimenting methodologies and tools able to consider complex issues from a different point of view: involving target Customers in the research process, engaging cross-functional Employees during the ideation phases, testing concepts and releasing prototypes before reaching the end of the innovation process. It was a revolution!

A lot has happened since then, thanks to the deep contribution of Design Thinking school developed in Northern Europe, which allowed to widen the set of tools thought to investigate Customer needs, matching them with Trends analysis.

My approach combines this Innovation discipline with my personal competences and experience in launching and managing Brands at International level.

Because when approaching a new market - specially if a Far East or American one - what was true in Italy or Europe most probably will not be true there: the distribution channels will be different, as much as the tastes, preferences, habits, purchasing power of People. At the end, they are Humans, the same species that designed the Product or Service thought for them, but with different Culture. Hence, with a different point of view.

People should always be at the centre of the innovation process: organisations are populated by People, who take decisions based on their thoughts and emotions. Markets are inhabited by People with thoughts and emotions.

Only connecting Heart to Heart we will be able to create a link valuable for both sides.

When a company creates that emotional bridge with its Customers, we can say it has turned into a Love Brand, in other words it get ensured Customer Loyalty and Word of Mouth

In turn, Word of Mouth is the most effective communication channel, the one which returns the best ROI for the enterprise, activating a virtual circle.

Love Brands connects Hearts to Hearts, People to People, establishing an authentic link based on shared values.

And you, do you want to turn your Enterprise, Product or Service into a Love Brand?

A People-centric approach to build Love Brands: Info
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